Wearing Kimonos Year Around

I’m a So Cal girl all the way! I was born and raised here and absolutely love it. One thing I’ve always been spoiled by is the beautiful weather, pretty much year around. This lends to some predictability when it comes to my fashion-sense. It’s jeans and a tee in the winter and shorts and a tee in the summer, pretty straightforward for this simple girl.


Kimonos, however, have a way of styling and dressing up any outfit for a not-so-simple jeans and a tee look. Everyone should have a few kimonos to choose from as they’re so versatile and can be interchangeable with just about any outfit.

I enjoy light layers and ripped jeans for summer so the kimono is perfect! I picked up a couple stylish kimonos and have been switching them out constantly. They’re the perfect pieces to layer for dinner or throw over a dress for church. I usually style my kimonos with a simple cami and some comfy denims. Kimonos can be worn with cute sneakers or some heels. Make the kimono your own and have fun with it!