3 Favorite Life Hacks For My Faith

Ok, I already know what you’re thinking after reading the title: “How do life hacks apply to faith? Aren’t life hacks and faith opposite to one another?” I completely agree that our pursuit of God can take the hard work of perseverance, digging deeper in the Word, and diligently taking hold of the promises of God. But I also think there are many resources for our faith that we should take advantage of and that’s what this post is all about.


I’m not advocating taking the fight out of our faith, rather, I am promoting different forms of armor to use as we fight the good fight.

Here are three life hacks I use to build up my faith:

1. Online Resources

In the day and age we live in, there are so many good resources available to us and they're just a click away. I believe in taking advantage of technology and using it for the good; and there are so many good ways to use the Internet! I enjoy receiving encouragement for my faith from other online bloggers, researching info on tough Bible passages, getting creative inspiration from all things Pinterest, and staying connected to others via Social Media. There are so many amazing people and organizations killin' it in their field of expertise and talent, why not receive encouragement for my faith from the world around me; world wide web included!

2. Bible App

This is becoming less of a life hack and more of a way of life, but my YouVersion Bible app offers a lot of help, not to mention convenience, when I don’t carry around my paper Bible. My Bible app has various translations, verse highlights, personalized notes, diverse devotionals, and so much more. I find that I’m on it all throughout the day and, let’s be real, in the 21st Century we live in, what would we do without a good Bible app?

3. Live Streaming Church


I’ll be the first to say that I love my church and I love going to church, however, there are times when going to church doesn’t happen. Maybe we’re out of town, the kiddos are sick, or something unexpected comes up; but when those days come I’m so glad I can hop online and still feel connected to my church and church family by live streaming the service. By live streaming I feel like I don’t miss a beat. Don’t have a home church? Live stream mine here every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Life hacks for our faith are not meant to hinder our faith but to help our faith. What life hacks do you use to help your faith?